Ganbaru Method

頑張る (がんばる)

While no exact English translation exists, the word Ganbaru roughly means to slog tenaciously through difficult times. To not just do your best or be your best, but to give more than your best. To persevere, show resilience and grow into something beyond you.

At the root of many of our individual journeys, is the Ganbaru Method. It’s not about one singular way, system or protocol. Instead, it is about the personal struggles, the problems we encounter and the methods we use to overcome them. Our experiences and desire to improve, learn and share with others.

The struggle is key. The biggest mistake many people make is believing that life should be problem-free. To be able to achieve your result, whatever that may be, without a struggle. The reality is, problems are what makes us grow. They force you to become more in order to deal with them effectively. All the struggles, failures and hardship you’ve endured thus far have ultimately shaped you into who you are today.

Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens through you. Through your perseverance through difficult times, and your ability to grow into the person who can effectively solve the problems that life throws your way.

For Founder Eugene Teo, much of his knowledge didn’t come from a desire to simply gain an understanding, but was birthed from his struggles. In an industry full of noise, ego, and poor guidance, Eugene had encountered his fair share of negative experiences that had left him injured, dealing with a number of health issues and struggling to find his way both physically and mentally.

It was this that sparked his initial interest in seeking to understand the human body, and to learn from as many avenues as possible to bring him through the difficulties he was met with Ganbaru Method seeks to bring together a collection of coaches, industry professionals and people. To share their ideas, knowledge and most importantly, personal experiences and stories in the pursuit of growth, improvement and finding a better way.

At its core, Ganbaru Method provides a platform to make the world a better place. We aim to empower the individual with the knowledge, perspectives and guidance to better solve their problems, and take charge of their body, health, performance and lives. We do this through:

  • Helping others by sharing knowledge and our interpretations on health, human movement and performance.
  • Private mentoring and coaching services to provide world-class guidance to those who need it.
  • Live events around the world, educating in a practical, hands-on environment.

At the crux of it all, is YOU as part of our community. Thank you to every single person who has supported the work we promote – in interactions on social media, in live events, and sharing our educational content with your friends, family and clients.

Thank you for all of your ongoing passion and support for our mission of helping others solve their problems.

Eugene Teo

Eugene Teo has spent over a decade in the industry of training, coaching and helping those around him. He has worked with athletes across a dozen different sports, along with countless ‘everyday’ athletes in the pursuit of improving their health, physique, performance and life. 

He has lectured in over 50 cities across the world, through the United States, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia, sharing his passion for training, and bringing together the worlds of human movement in all its forms.

“I always find it hard to describe what it is that I do. I’m not a bodybuilder, although I have competed many times before. I’m not a powerlifter, although I do train for strength and progressive overload. I’m not the nutrition guru, rehab specialist or science guy – although I’m often sought after for exactly those things. My passion lies in learning. In being curious, and seeking to understand more. To explore, experiment and continually try to improve and seek out a better way. I’m not one to accept something as the ‘only way’, and believe that we are still just scratching the surface on the potential of what is possible with the human body, and in our understanding of all the complexities that lie within human movement and health. I believe there is something to be learned from just about every person, interaction and experience you go through. There are no failures, only lessons and opportunities for improvement. Some of my most profound lessons have come from the most unexpected places, people, and experiences – not the typical lecture, course or degree. Call it whatever you like based on your interaction with me, but my specialty lies in helping people and solving problems – Whatever that means to you”
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