Can Women Build as Much Muscle as Men?

The main differences between training for women vs training for men are covered in this video.
I’m joined by my friend and training partner Sharelle Grant, founder of Women’s Health Movement and we discuss some of our observations and provide some of the research into Women’s Training.

I grew up as a small, skinny asian kid in high school weighing a whopping 50kgs

I needed to get my weight up to 55kgs to be able to make the cut for the rowing team – and that’s when I first stepped into the gym and started this lifelong journey.

Since then, I’ve spent a few years doing competitive bodybuilding, and several more working on understanding the art and science of how muscle building works. This was a game changer for me.

Instead of following random programs from the latest fitness mag or online forum, I started to understand the PRINCIPLES that a sound program should be built upon for muscle building.

This helped me work out what programs were most effective or a complete waste of time for muscle building goals and most importantly – Why.

Just about all of the programs on the Ganbaru Program Library are well suited for Muscle Building. You can choose any program you like and run all 3 phases back to back and get great results – You really can’t go wrong. .

But, if I had to choose just a couple of Programs, they would be Powerbuild, Half Body & Women’s Prime (Don’t let the name fool you, it’s incredible for Men as well).

How to Combine Programs to Build Muscle?

These all feature a high frequency for each body part along with a very wide variety of rep ranges and intensities to train your body from.

The other programs in the Library will still be fantastic for muscle building, but they don’t have the same broad spectrum of qualities that these 3 programs do, and are typically better suited for when you need to specialise a little more and focus on one specific quality for an extended period of time (e.g. Developing strength or specialising more on one body part/rep range).

You can run Powerbuild, Half Body & Women’s Prime exactly as is – That is after all, how they were designed by me to be performed – But, if you wanted to combine all 3 to get a taste of the different programs, here’s how I’d structure it.

  • Women’s Prime Phase 1
  • Half Body Phase 1
  • Powerbuild Phase 1

That's 12 weeks of tranining, the exact blueprint you need to build muscle

What about nutrition?

Muscle building will be well suited to a nutrition plan that has you eating at your maintenance intake or slightly above in a surplus.

Depending on your body fat levels, sleep and goals, you CAN get away with being in a deficit as well and run these programs as you embark on a fat loss phase – but keep a close eye on your recovery and performance.

Once you see that starting to trend downwards it may be a good idea to bring your intake up again for a short period of time, whether it’s as a diet break, refeed or a small increase across the board to keep you performing well.

My GanbaruMethod app will calculate the exact calories and macros you need for you goal and you can track meals in the app to stay on track with your goal.

Each week check-in and receive instant updates to ensure you hit your goal!

Build Muscle in 4 easy steps

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Track your workouts & performance directly in the app, record what you eat & log a few key metrics like bodyweight for weekly updates to your plan.​

Use the Learn Portal to learn more about Nutrition, Training, Injuries, Biomechanics, Programming & all of Ganbaru’s unique features.

Need further guidance? Use the Members-Only community to ask Eugene for exercise critique, program suggestions & help with your nutrition.

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