Full Day of Eating

Everything I Eat In A Day to Get Shredded.

I’m 5 weeks into my extremely aggressive low calorie fat loss diet.

Here’s what a typical day of eating looks like.

Nutrition is the predominant factor in getting shredded, this extreme diet setup is available on my GanbaruMethod app.

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How to train during a fat loss phase

For most people, I recommend something along the lines of the Full Body or Half Body Programs, as they feature a high frequency at which you train each body part which is great for preventing muscle and strength loss, but they ALSO don’t have very high demands on endurance which may be hard to sustain as you start getting deeper into a dieting phase.

So, you could simply choose Full Body or Half Body – OR, you could even combine the two, and do 1-2 Phases of Full Body, then transition to 1-2 Phases of Half Body, and alternate back and forth.

And if you’re a complete beginner...

And if you’re extremely new to it all, I’d even go a step further and start with Phase 1 of Prep, couple that with a high amount of Cardiovascular Training (something along the lines of 3-4 sessions 30 minute sessions per week keeping your heart rate around 130-150bpms).

Here’s how it might look across 12 weeks:

  • Prep Phase 1 & 4x Cardio Sessions per week
  • Full Body Phase 1
  • Half Body Phase 1

After this, you could start from Prep again and do the same sequence, but do Phase 2 instead.

For a more advanced trainee

For the more advanced trainees, I’d do things a little differently. This is going under the assumption that you’re moving well, are able to sustain a good amount of intensity in the gym, have a decent base of aerobic fitness and are eating a lot of calories (yes, that’s a LOT of prerequisites there!)

  • Condition Phase 1
  • Half Body Phase 2
  • Half Body Phase 3

To extend things out a little longer, you could squeeze Condition 2 & 3 in before going across to the Half Body Training.

Condition is a great way to START a fat loss phase, as it will dramatically increase your overall endurance and ability to handle a lot of volume and intensity in the gym.

This is important for setting the stage for the rest of a dieting phase, where intensity typically drops and fatigue rises as you get leaner.

The more conditioned you are, the more you can stave off this from happening as severely.

The big caveat is though, you NEED to be eating a lot of food to be able to handle the amount of work that Condition demands from you.

If you’re not adequately fuelled through your nutrition, you won’t be able to get as much as you can out of the program, and it winds up being a complete waste.

How does the aggressive fat loss work?

A calorie deficit means that you need to be eating less than what your body is burning through each day – so your body will have no choice but to go towards your body fat reserves.

It’s important to be eating ENOUGH to make sure you can perform along with avoiding any steep crashes in energy and mood, or relentless cravings that will get in the way of your long term adherence.

This is why the agressive fat loss planner is just 4 weeks long.

It is intended to get results fast and then return you to baseline.

Our calculator takes all of this into account, ensuring that you’ll consistently be following a diet that is not just geared towards your goals of fat loss, but also has you performing and feeling well through it all.

Start your fat loss transformation in 4 easy steps

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