Whether you've been training for a while, or an absolute beginner, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do, I failed many times before finally getting results.

I started out as a small skinny kid in high school and I was super confused by all the information and who to trust.

What program should I follow?

Should I do cardio?

What do I eat?

Do I need supplements?

"Clean eating" made me fat and miserable.

I wasted ALOT of time doing the wrong things.

Thankfully, after over a decade of trial and error as well as learning from both my own mistakes and successes, I have now created GanbaruMethod: your personal coach in your pocket that will give you an individualized plan to help you reach your goal.

I have made this so easy for you that all you have to do is follow the plan and show up!

There is no need to over think it, follow these 4 easy steps to get results.

Get your own personal plan in less than 60 seconds!

Step 1

Tell us about your lifestyle, goal & nutrition preferences to receive your ideal nutrition & workout plan.

Step 2

Log your food and track your calories in the app to stay on track with your personal goal.

Step 3

Choose a workout program that aligns with your goal. You can log your workouts in the app.

Step 4

Log your progress in the app to receive automatic updates to your plan to keep you on track.

30,000 Members have followed the plan to reach their goal!

Whether it's fat loss, muscle building or you just want to be fitter & happier, I have you covered.


I'm sleeping again and I feel much stronger than before (which was my goal), and more confident in my own skin again. Thank you !!


Besides the physical result which I’m happy about I’m more proud of the lifestyle I now lead.


I kicked all the goals I set for myself! I have never felt so comfortable in the gym.


For the first time in all my fitness life, I truly have a healthy relationship with food!


I am actively gaining strength which brings with it confidence! Thank You!


I didn't lose a crazy amount of weight, but my body composition seems a lot better!


This helped me in more ways than I can count!


I am mentally stronger through conquering the demons that have held me back for so long.


Ganbaru has completely changed my relationship with food!


I started neuro strong, which I’m really liking! ..I’m finally getting confidence back.


Not only did my mental health improve, but so did my strength & daily habits.


Ganbaru has helped me eat more than a typical weight loss program whilst falling in love with the process.


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You don't have to go at it alone!

We are much more than a community, we are a tribe of like minded people, outside of the judgement of others who want to help each other get results.

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My 30 day Shark Infested Waters Guarantee!

I am not asking you to make a decision today, I am asking you to try it out and if at the end of 30 days you are not prepared to jump into shark infested water to keep your access to GanbaruMethod, I will personally refund anything you have paid!

I want you to LOVE the workouts and I want you to get results.

If it's not for you, that's fine but unless you try how will you know?!

Eugene Teo

Frequently Asked Questions

How many programs do I have access to?

There’s over 20 workout programs, each one is 12 weeks covering ALL levels from beginner to advanced and suitable for a variety of goals from Strength, Muscle Building, Conditioning & Fat Loss.

How are workout programs designed?

All programs are designed around their own specific goal and level. Each program is split up into 3 separate ‘phases’ of training. Each phase is completely different from the last, building upon it to keep you progressing without hitting any plateaus.

How long do the workouts take?

Generally speaking, workouts are all programmed to be able to be completed within roughly 60 minutes.

How many days a week do I need to workout?

It is completely up to you. While programs are typically spread out between 3-5 sessions per 7-day week for convenience, feel free to spread the sessions out across a longer than 7-day time frame, or condense them closer together as you see fit. If you need any assistance with this, use the Private Members Community to post your questions and get extra help.

Do I need access to a commercial gym?

While a gym set up is ideal, it is absolutely not essential and the majority these programs CAN be done at home or with very minimal equipment and some modifications. We also have programs that are purely designed for home/minimal equipment situations.

I live in Australia/USA/UK/IND - Will the diet planner work for me?

We’re continuing to update this database, but you also have the option to add in custom foods from local sources, which adds to our public database once reviewed and approved by our staff.

How does coaching work?

The most important part to any program is the progress you make. Within the app, you’ll be able to log your measurements, performance data as well as log your own accountability habits. This data allows Ganbaru to automatically make suggestions and changes as necessary to your nutrition plan to fine-tune the programming to suit YOUR needs and real time progress.

How do you create my nutrition plan?

Nutrition plans are set up and adjusted based on the principle of Energy Balance; Calories In vs Calories Out.

Whether your goal is to put on muscle, lose fat, or to maintain a healthy bodyweight – they all rely on the manipulation of the Calories In vs Calories Out Equation. Calories In is calculated based on the food logged within Ganbaru. Calories out is a little more complicated.

Theoretically, it’s the sum of the energy required by your  body at rest to function (your Basal Metabolic Rate), plus extra energy required for exercise, general daily activity and the thermic effect of food (i.e., the energy required to digest and assimilate your food). This can be a moving target due to the wildly varying levels of activity we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. 

While we use averages to determine your initial expenditure, your tracked data within Ganbaru allows us to fine tune this information to give you  the most personalised experience possible – because it’s based on YOU and your actual results, not a cold, mechanistic formula that gives rigid recommendations.

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(Yearly subscription, cancel anytime)






(One payment time, no recurring)

All prices are in USD, Yearly access is auto renewed each year until cancelled. You can cancel anytime directly in your profile or app without notice. Lifetime access is 1 payment only, no subscription for lifetime access to the app and includes any/all future program releases at no additional cost. As long as you are a member you will get instant access to any future programs free of charge!