How to Bench Press to Build Strength & Chest Mass

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The Biggest Bench Press Mistake that EVERYONE makes.
If you want to get stronger, add size to your chest, improve your bench press numbers, and protect your shoulders – this will help you.
Even if you’re not bench pressing, this same mistake applies to Dumbbell Press, Incline Press, Military or Overhead Press, Dips and Pushups. Stick around to the end for the two things you need to be focusing on when pressing, and two bonus exercises to help correct your mistakes long term.

Here’s most important thing you need to understand about Strength. It’s a skill.

Similar to any other skill like learning a musical instrument, how to play chess or how to play tennis – the more you do it, the better you get at it.

The Skill we’re talking about here includes both the skill of lifting heavy weights, AND the skill of the actual lift you’re performing.

A big part of getting ‘stronger’ is actually just as much if not more about revealing strength than it is actually building strength.

With the right workouts and training set up in a way to help you improve the Skill of strength – of lifting heavy weights, and of performing the Bench Press movement.

Foundational Principles to Strength

It’s an important distinction to make – If you’re looking at getting stronger, you need to quantify – What is it exactly you’re looking at getting stronger at?

We use barbells, dumbbells, machines and weights in general as a metric for strength. But unless you’re actually a competitive athlete who uses certain exercises to display their strength, none of it is actually essential.

What IS essential however, is the foundational principles to strength – HOW the body actually gets stronger.

It’s about your brain coordinating your muscles to move as efficiently as possible. It’s about your joints being well conditioned to handle transfer force and handle the heavy loads you want without disintegrating to sawdust.

More importantly, it’s about being able to do this for an extended period of time without it taking away from your overall recovery and long term health.

Who cares if you squatted 200kg one time years ago, if you can’t get up off the toilet without being in excruciating lower back or knee pain?

So with that in mind, here’s the exact programs I use to build strength.

From beginner to advanced..

That's 48 weeks of tranining, the exact blueprint you need to get strong!

..want even more? There’s a good chance you might need to add in a Phase or two of my other programs Prep or Women’s Prime in between a couple of your Strength programs to make sure you keep moving healthy.

Here’s how that might look:

1. Strength (Full Program)

2. Prep Phase 1

3. Powerbuild (Full Program)

4. Neuro Strong (Full Program)

5. Women’s Prime Phase 1

6. Advanced Powerbuild (Full Program)

Because of the specificity of strength, I DON’T recommend stopping or mixing the programs up half way through too often (eg. Doing Phase 1 of Strength, then going to Phase 1 of Powerbuild, then Phase 1 of Neuro Strong).

While you CAN do that for Muscle Building or Fat Loss Goals, that is because we don’t have the same specific demands.

What about nutrition?

Strength & performance goals generally have high demands for recovery – and will be well suited to a nutrition plan that has you eating at your maintenance intake or slightly above in a surplus.

Depending on your body fat levels, sleep and goals, you CAN get away with being in a deficit as well and run these programs as you embark on a fat loss phase – but keep a close eye on your recovery and performance.

Once you see that starting to trend downwards it may be a good idea to bring your intake up again for a short period of time, whether it’s as a Diet break, refeed or a small increase across the board to keep you performing well.

My GanbaruMethod app will calculate the exact calories and macros you need for you goal and you can track meals in the app to stay on track with your goal.

Each week check-in and receive instant updates to ensure you hit your goal!

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