Muscle Mechanics – Halifax

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Muscle Mechanics is an intensive workshop designed to level up your knowledge on program design and training. You’ll be taken through a joint by joint analysis of the human body from the ground up – understanding not just the anatomy and biomechanics behind all human movement, but the core programming principles for training for strength, muscle building, performance and health.

The workshop features a mix of hands on practical training and lecture content, split into the following modules

  • Program & Nutrition Programming for Conditioning
  • Hypertrophy Fundamentals
  • Upper Body Biomechanics & Practical
  • Lower Body Biomechanics & Practical

After this course, you’ll not only have the skills and knowledge to design effective programs, but how to critically assess and navigate your way through the noise of the health and fitness world to become a world class Personal Trainer.

Dates & Locations

Halifax – May 26/27 – GoodLife, 720 Sackville Drive, Unit 100 Lower SackvilleNS B4E 1R7

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Calgary – June 11/12, 2022, Halifax – May 26/27, 2022, London – May 23/24, 2022, Ottawa – May 20/30, 2022, Toronto – May 20/21, 2022, Winnipeg – June 7/8, 2022