Joan’s Workout


Strength & Muscle Building
Upper / Lower

What’s Included?

personlised nutrition plan
  • The complete Joan’s Workout Program - All exercises, sets, reps, rest periods and coaching cues.
  • Log your workouts & track your progress directly in the Ganbaru Method App
  • Video tutorials for every exercise & substitutions provided for all exercises including for minimal/home gym set ups.
personlised nutrition plan
  • ALL of my other programs - Get unrestricted access to ALL of my other Programs for all goals & experience feels.
  • Workout Add Ons - Working on a specific weak point? Want more volume for Legs or Arms? Use the Workout Library to access hundreds of individual Workouts to add to your existing program to personalise it to you
personlised nutrition plan
  • Nutrition Coaching - Get your custom Macro plan and log your Nutrition directly in the app. Ganbaru will provide coaching adjustments to help you reach your goal over time.
personlised nutrition plan
  • More than a Program - Learn everything you need to know about nutrition, training, biomechanics, programming and more with full access to ALL of Eugene’s Educational Lecture Library

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Deanna's transformation

When I started this challenge 12 weeks ago, I thought it would be like every other program I hated. Man, I was so wrong

Dan's transformation

I’ve struggled with an eating disorder for over a decade, so to start a program that had me eating

Megan's transformation

Ganbaru has completely changed my relationship with food, and for the first time I don't feel like the only way for my to get results is living on 1200kcal but rather having the room in my calories to eat to properly fuel my body.

Jay's transformation

Besides the physical result which I’m happy about I’m more proud of the lifestyle I now lead

Josse's transformation

For the first time in all of my fitness life that I truly have a healthy relationship with food.

Luca's transformation

Thank you for reading through if you happen to get through everything till down here! Sorry for my not perfect English, hope it wasn’t too bad to read.

Uri's transformation

I have always struggled to stick to a goal - a deficit or a bulk. I have always resided somewhere in the middle, making some progress, but nothing crazy.

Jess's transformation

Ganbaru has helped me eat more than a typical weight loss program whilst falling in love with the process.

Christine's transformation

I'm sleeping again and I feel much stronger than before (which was my goal), and more confident in my own skin again. Thank you !!:

Brooklyn's transformation

Not only have I not gained fat but I am actively gaining strength which brings with it confidence!

Tamara's transformation

Not only did my mental health improve, but so did my strength and daily habits. I am so happy that I took on this challenge, my mental health is so much better and I have found my passion for training again.

Samantha's transformation

I made it a goal to never go back there and to heal myself through movement and strenght training. This challenge was my second with ganbaru and I started my second training block with womens hybrid which I finished in 10 weeks and started high frequency glutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time following a training program, we recommend starting out with prep or women's foundation first to establish your baseline for movement capacity. After that, I’d perform Women’s Prime before moving into this routine. This program is designed for people who have been training seriously for at least 6 months under a structured routine.

You get access to not just 19 Program, but ALL of the Programs on Ganbaru, covering ALL levels from beginner to advanced, and suitable for a variety of goals from Strength, Muscle Building, Conditioning & Fat Loss. That’s not just 12 weeks of programming, but several years worth of programming for the one price!
You get access to all of them to view, use, and change as you please with your membership, along with all of the additional Single Workout Add Ons, Train With Eugene workouts and all the other Ganbaru Features.

It is completely up to you. While programs are typically spread out between 3-5 sessions per 7-day week for convenience, feel free to spread the sessions out across a longer than 7-day time frame, or condense them closer together as you see fit. If you need any assistance with this, use the Private Members Community to post your questions and get extra help.

Eugene is NOT a medical practitioner, and can’t advise on specific injuries. The programs in Ganbaru have been successfully used by thousands to improve strength & mobility across all of your muscles and connective tissues in your body. We have thousands of members who have improved or eliminated their pain & injury status following our programs. We recommend you take a look at the Restore Program, which is our fundamentals bodyweight program that is specifically designed at improving joint health, overall movement capacity and prepare you for just about anything life can throw your way.

Generally speaking, workouts are all programmed to be able to be completed within roughly 60 minutes. For time poor situations, Single Workout Add Ons also offer quick 15-20 minute options that can be added on to existing programs, or completed as standalone training days.
If you are more advanced and require longer rest periods, this may extend training duration a little longer.

Yes! You can change out any exercise if you don’t have a piece of equipment available or don’t have the ability to perform a specific movement. While all of these programs have been designed with as much foresight as possible to cover most people’s bases, there are ALWAYS going to be individual variables that can’t be factored in.
If you need any help, drop a question in the Private Members Community to get recommendations from Eugene and other users. The educational content with-in the Membership Platform will help you understand how to adjust programs for your own personal situation.

While a gym set up is ideal, it is absolutely not essential and the majority these programs CAN be done at home or with very minimal equipment and some mod-ifications. We also have programs that are purely designed for home/minimal equipment situations.
You can also use the Private Members Community to ask for advice on best substitutions in certain programs given your equipment availability, whether you’re training at home or in a gym.

Why wait? Get instant access to your plan..

Why wait? Get instant access to your plan..


$30 /month* *billed every month

All prices are in USD. Monthly is automatically billed each month until cancelled. Yearly is automatically billed every year until cancelled. Lifetime All Access is 1 payment for life, NO further payments. You can cancel anytime directly in your profile or app without notice. Lifetime Access includes any/all future program releases at no additional cost. As long as you are a member you will get instant access to any future programs free of charge! Workout log, workout library, nutrition planner and programs are only available in the app.