Intermediate -Advanced

Strength, Muscle Building

60-75 mins

12 Weeks

By popular demand, another Complete Home System for building muscle and peak strength - with minimal equipment.

All workouts can be performed with a set of large resistance bands (40 inch loops), light weights (no more than 25lb dumbbells should be required for most, but a backpack or similar weighted object will suffice), a towel, a foam roller or swiss ball and a suspension trainer such as the TRX or Gymnastic Rings.

In addition to this, a step, bench or similar apparatus will come in handy for modifications/personalisation to your needs.

Intermediate -Advanced

Strength, Muscle Building

60-75 mins

12 Weeks

If you have some basic gym equipment available (barbells, plates etc) - feel free to substitute the exercises accordingly.


Strength & Muscle Building

Upper Lower Training Split

12 Weeks

If you have some basic gym equipment available (barbells, plates etc) - feel free to substitute the exercises accordingly.

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What’s Included?

Full App access to log your workouts and track your progress directly in Ganbaru Method.
The complete Minimal 2.0 Program complete with video tutorials, coaching cues and exercise substitutions for minimal/home gym set ups.

more than a program

Get direct access to me for personal coaching advice & technique review on demand within the Ganbaru Method app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Program Suitable for Beginners? -

This program is designed for people who have been training seriously for at least 6 months under a structured routine. If you’re completely new to the gym, we recommend checking out Prep or Women’s Foundations.

How do I Access the Program?

You’ll receive immediate access to Ganbaru Method to start following your new program! Keep an eye out for an email and make sure we don’t go to spam so we can help you out if you need anything.

How many days do I need to train?

While the program was written as a 4-day a week plan, it won’t make a significant difference if you need to decrease to 2-3 days instead, or wish to add in extra training days. It will simply change how long the program takes for you to get through - but won’t alter your results at all.

I have an injury, what should I do?

Eugene is NOT a medical practitioner, and can’t advise on specific injuries. The programs in Ganbaru have been successfully used by thousands to improve strength & mobility across all of your muscles and connective tissues in your body. We have thousands of users who have improved or eliminated their pain & injury status following our programs. We recommend you take a look at the Roots Program, which is our fundamentals bodyweight program that is specifically designed at improving joint health, overall movement capacity and prepare you for just about anything life can throw your way.

Can I Make These Workouts Shorter?

Yes. You have 3 options here depending on the situation.

1). Condense rest periods where possible.

2). Combine exercises together as a superset - So while one muscle group/exercise is resting, you perform the next one. This is great on exercises where minimal equipment is required

3). Reduce sets. The first 1-2 sets on an exercise make up for the majority of the results you’ll get, with extra sets providing diminishing returns. If you’re short on time feel free to drop out sets from your program.

I Can’t Perform XYZ Exercise - Can I Do This Program?

Yes! We offer substitutions for all exercises. You can change out any exercise if you don’t have a piece of equipment available or don’t have the ability to perform a specific movement. While all of these programs have been designed with as much foresight as possible to cover most people’s bases, there are ALWAYS going to be individual variables that can’t be factored in.

If you need any help, drop a question in the Private Community to get recommendations from Eugene and other users.

Do I need access to a gym?

While a gym set up is ideal, it is absolutely not essential and the majority these programs CAN be done at home or with very minimal equipment and some modifications. We also have programs that are purely designed for home/minimal equipment situations.

You can also use the Private Ganbaru Community to ask for advice on best substitutions in certain programs given your equipment availability, whether you’re training at home or in a gym.

How long do I have access to the App for?

Enjoy 14 weeks of unrestricted access to Eugene & Ganbaru Method with the purchase of this program. Alternatively, explore our affordable full membership options for 12 months access or rolling monthly access.

Can I purchase this program without a membership?

Yes! If you are not ready for a membership, and simply want to try a program first, you can purchase access to this program WITHOUT any recurring subscriptions or payments! Please keep in mind that you will only receive 14 weeks of App Access when purchasing separately.

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